first swim.

the first outdoor swim of the year, on april 23. don't worry, sophie wasn't the only one who went in.

music is an italian alan lomax collection. place is lake paran, bennington. people are polar bears.


maple syrup part 1

part one of two. regarding the annual sugaring adventure. this was before we went hit May weather and the sap went bad. now we're back to February.

music is bow thayer. place is bennington sugarbush. people are intrepid sugarmakers. 

maple syrup part 2

part two of two. this is the finishing that takes place in a room in the science building... not as picturesque but pretty exciting.

music is eric horshak. place is bennington dickinson. people are even more intrepid.



sock hop.

sophie and I had a sock hop last weekend. with fantastic music, great dancing, fun food, and cool people it was a good time.

I swear that we do things other than throw parties.

music is chuck berry. people are friends. place is ze apartmentz.