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if my whole life is spent waiting, it's not a very fun life, is it? I need to work on this.

and more of my feet.

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st. patrick's spot

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a brief depiction of my st. patrick's day spirit. Funny thing, we didn't see much of the parade, but we did notice that most groups in the parade... were American, playing good ol' Johnny Sousa.


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look at this!

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a peek.

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lunch break

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this was my lunch break on Thursday. Just a block from my job. On the way back it poured...

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Dublin isn't such a gray city after all.

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an italian view

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here's the last of my videos... the quality is pretty terrible so I might repost soon enough.  I numbered some of the highlights and I explained them here

The video really doesn't do the place justice.  I'll work on that.

Ciao bello!

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an italian festival

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tuesday was Carnavale in many parts of the world, including Sora, Italy.  We painted our faces (I was a cat... surprise, surprise) and went down to see the festivities.  All sorts of bands, all sorts of costumes (lots of cross-dressing teenage boys), and some crazy floats.  The most impressive thing was the importance of the shaving-cream fights.  It was impossible to keep yourself completely clean because there was some kid lurking behind an unsuspecting grown-up ready to get you.  It was a lot of fun!  The festivities went on into the night... but we went to bed to get ready for a full day of work on Wednesday.

music by rosemary clooney                 time is 1:00

an italian farm

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for my spring break I spent a week on a farm on the outskirts of a village called Pescosolido, near the town of Sora, an hour and a half east of Rome, Italy.  It was quite an experience, had it's ups and it's downs.  But it was such a beautiful location, just on the edge of the Abruzzi mountains, that it was hard to get too upset about some of thr idiosyncracies of it all.

I've made three videos, this first one is footage of the farm and the inhabitants of the farm.  I had the wonderful company of two other helpers, Matilda and Jay who make guest appearances along with the dog, Felicita (the white one, the other dog was the neighbors and really annoying), the donkey Concheta, lots of goats and sheep, and some chickens too.  I had all sorts of tasks, refinishing old wagon wheels, chiseling signs into rock (you can tell by my handwriting), and waiting ceilings.

music by bob dylan                     time is 2:12