up in the gunks

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the gunks are only an hour fifteen from my town.  if only I had been in better shape.

music by charlie hunter & leon parker, time is 1:30


filters and family

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at play with my family (on the fourth of july) and with my computer.  Just fiddling with some filters.  Terrible, I know... but fun sometimes.

My whole family rocks.

music by coral, time is 1:20


what's a cat on a hot day?

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a record breaker.  And my gal Tiggy knows it.

music by Chad & Jeremy, time is :42


too much kitten.

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For the long weekend I cat-sat at my aunts in Boston.  I was saving this song for a little movie about my cat... but I hung out with the kitten too soon.  This is long, a bit uneventful, not very artistic... but hey, it's damn cute.  I'll get back to my artsy stuff soon enough.

music by jane's addiction, time is 4ish


things been doing

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NOTE: Beware of high frequencies in the post! It IS on purpose... perhaps a poor purpose. Maybe I'll change it soon. But... I'm busy...

Apologies for the absence. The only thing I can assure you of is that I have, in fact, been quite busy. And with that business comes a lack of time... due to my lack of time I decided not to post individual clips of what I've been up to. Montage, here we go.

We have included here (in the vid order): Bennington College's graduation, tennis with my dad and brother, and afternoon hike with my parents and sister when she visited from SF, my friend Jon's graduation party in NYC (he's the one in blue), Ashley's brother's bike race in Fitchburg MA, the Old Songs Festival with lots of amazing music and dance). my family's summer dinners on the deck, and lunch at work.

time is 4 min.