vitamin c

vitamin c

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been coughing a bit... feeling a tickle in my throat... I've got to blast this cold before I leave and put my body in overdrive for two weeks of travel... so I drink this wonderful toxic colored water... as much vitamin c as 10 oranges... we'll see...

music by do make say think

time is 1:15


bodhran lessons

bodhran lessons

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as part of my Arts in Ireland survey we're learning how to play the bodhran (with a feada over the a). This was our final class... 12 bodhrans a fiddle, a banjo, and a guitar... what a site.

this is my first post where I've used only the original audio... you can't really show a music lesson without it I suppose. Not my style but I'm trying new stuff and I'm documenting. You guys need to see some real Irish stuff.

something is up with my compression settings that make the audio sound pinched... like a robot... if anyone knows... let me in on it.


music by us and the time is 1:30




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when was the last time you saw me in make-up? it's definitely a rare occurrence. but I felt for my last saturday night in Dublin, I should play dress-up a bit. perhaps it paid off... I was offered a drink for the first time ever tonight... I was also attacked about US foreign policy... the power of make-up.

rare occurrences... going out and make-up. the rarity makes it interesting.

music by tom waits time is 2:20




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this is what I've been doing for the past few weeks... no longer working at Comhaltas, extenuating circumstances. Today was my last day working with Michelle Maher, ceramic artist. It was an incredible time, though short. She's so cool and fun and has lots of great art in her head. It's a little big... sorry.

One week to go!

music by beulah



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yesterday was not only easter sunday but the 90th anniversary of the 1916 rising.  there was a military parade through the centre of Dublin... people didn't know what to think about it.  Neither did I.

music by imogen heap                                 time is :16

p.s. that's a camera that he's holding... not a gun.  though there were lots of a guns around.


happy easter

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easter in dublin.

music by sufjan stevens                              time is :30

ice scream, you scream

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dublin suburbia = ice cream truck?

p.s. I'm using premiere finally... be patient while I play with the toys.

audio is for real,                                          time is  :12


spring. finally.

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spring has finally gotten to dreary dublin... for real... I hope.

music by sufjan stevens                                 time is :30



getting closer

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been feeling like I've been hiding behind my camera... saying I'm camera-shy is still miles from the truth.  I thought that if I put myself front and center I could figure something out.  Don't know if it worked.  But here's a jazzy-cut piece with shots of my face...

music by iron and wine                                                  time is :26


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a trip to the local late shop for some movie refreshments.


music by ratatat                                                        time is 1:48




irish hoe-down

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last night we went to the local ceili. It was a strange relation of contra-dancing but still lots of fun. People three times our age were dancing circles around us! The best part was when these 100+ people broke for tea and biscuits after sweating up a storm... ahh... ireland...

check out the footwork!

music by the tulla ceili band time is 1:56