mmm... digestion.

nyam, nyam, nyam. meet stinky, the house-cat lawn mower.

and meet my new camera.

music is thegratefuldead. place is amy and rob's backyard. and the cat.


this one's for you, grandma.

Hope you're watching!

music is the beatles.



at the waterfront.

I'm in burlington, yesiree... been on my bike a whole lot, despite it being "unsafe to ride."  I've got lots to show, I suppose.  I'll get on that.

music is janis joplin. place burlington, vt. people is the ol' ten speed.


nothing special, just a music video.

the goings-on of graduation weekend. I feel obliged to post this... I just finished schooling after all. Featured are my family in all sorts, the ceremony, an after dinner (tasting a maple martini)... and every video I have of bennington.

and now I'm in burlington and there are surely more to come.

music is r.e.m. place is bennington for the last. people are my family, sophie, jacob, and lots of alana's back.


normal for my age

this is my final project for a class entitled (Re)Presenting Culture, and introduction to ethnographic film. I collaborated with three high school students from central Vermont, posed the question "show me your life", and used their collected footage to edit a final video.

I believe strongly in subject-generated media. This video doesn't truely realize this goal, however, by the many minutes of footage that each student captured and how differently each of them depicted themselves, I feel like this was a step in the right direction. My only hope was that they feel justly represented (not truely, just through my own perspective) and perhaps a little empowered to continue exploring self-representation.

I'd certainly appreciate any dialogue on this video. And thank you for the patience it takes to view it. 

moment no. 08

music is bow thayer. place is pompanuck farm in the rain. people are becca and jonathan.


the final dance.

a senior dance performance on the admissions office porch. re-edited. choreography by ava heller.

music is prefuse 73. place is bennington. people are amy, eric, emma, and ava.