walk in the woods.

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this was taken this past friday, but my computer had a fit and wouldn't let me export until tonight.  a walk in the mile around woods in north bennington with none other than miss alana, a great walking partner.

music is nina nastasia, time is one ish.


small treasures.

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today my ceramics class went to troy to see a show but stopped at the ceramics supply place first... they're getting rid of all their plaster molds so they were all up for grabs.  everything from nativitys, santa clauses, bunny rabbits, ice cream cones... you name it, you could probably find a mold of it.  like an archeological dig...

music by yann tierson, time is 1:30ish.



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my favorite place in this little bubble. Funny what a low rock wall and a new perspective can do.

music is kulanjan by taj mahal and toumani diabte, time is 1:30.

my first review...

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here's my first review of other video... funny that this isn't even from the internet.  A buddy of mine made this for his animation class, his first stop-motion film... just some silly fun.  Thanks Jackson.

music is the Beatles, film made by Jackson Emmer


beginning of term blues.

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brief thoughts on the first day of classes.


music is ten years ago by richard galliano and michael portal.

time is 2 min.


a bennington moment.

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this... was only the beginning of the 2006 Convocation address.  Bennington's finest.

music is autentique and the time is 1 minute.


the sky's alive!

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wandering around north bennington last night... whenever there's wind rolling in, I get excited inside... like all the atoms that make me up are suddenly charged.  Love it.  Apologies for the shaky camera.

music is darling ukelele by jolie holland.  time is :55.


my new place.

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despite being in VT for two weeks now, I'm just settling in.  still some things to do but my room is feeling a bit more like home... I'm always struck on how certain objects can create comfort when one is uprooted and floating.

music is black eyed dog by nick drake.  time is 2:20.