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last, last monday I helped my brother, gabe, move from his three-year home in brooklyn to a three-month stint at the good ol' home on the range in new jersey, then on to DC.   May be bittersweet for him, but I'm thrilled cause I get someone to bug the hell out of me all summer.  it was a hot day and driving a u-haul in nyc ain't cool but we had fun of it.

a delayed post with poor audio.  apologies. 

music by beulah.

time is 1:30... I think.


day in burlington.

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apologies for the length between posts.  Aside from the exciting weekend this post is about, I began my summer job this week.  For now we'll just leave it at boring.

As for the weekend though.  I was up in VT again to see PJ's senior concert... I was surprised with this day trip up to Burlington... for no other reason than to go.  I drove four rowdy kids the 2.5 hours there and back... Amy, Alana, Pj, and Hans... and I didn't regret a moment of it.  It was really a great way to be back at Bennington (note that I wasn't actually there) and spend time with people as, once again, everyone goes their own way.

burlington has a piece of my heart... we'll see where that gets me.  Apologies for the larger file size.

music by boom bip & nina nastasia

time is 3:40