TimeBank Stories: More Volunteers

more volunteers talking volunteer things.

this still needs to be worked on. I'm just getting stuff out there. please comment. 

for you, jo.

clips from the Low Anthem show I went to last night. Fantastic show. Too bad you missed it, jo. (just so everyone knows, I'm not talking to myself... there is another jo out there). my camera doesn't pick up live audio so well but at the end of this vid I threw some in there from their last number that brought the house down.  yeehaw.

music is the low anthem. place is the radio bean, burlington. people are the low anthem.


TimeBank Stories: Volunteers at Viva Espresso.

this is a new project I'm working on for the Burlington Time Banks.
Stay tuned for more stories from them... you have no idea how excited I am to work on this project!

original text:

this is the first of hopefully many videos trying to document the wonders of the TimeBank. These are bits and pieces of a volunteer meeting at Viva Espresso... just to show you things are happening.

keep the heat.

the high yesterday was 2 degrees.

music is vinicius cantuaria. place is the house in richmond.


way to work.

click and watch it.

this is how I go to work. both of my works. and today was a beautiful day worthy of capturing and posting. I wish I did the morning ride justice.

music is chris smither. place is interstate highway #89. and check out those whale tails.


day in the snow.

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a day at stowe... the snow is certainly different than out west: faster, which is better, and harder, which is not. fun had by me. even though I fell all over the place. patience was greatly appreciated.

music is a groovy track by moloko. place is stowe resort. people is mr. n. b. jones... again.

hot rods and...

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another random adventure with barrett. I tagged along to his motorcycle club meeting where he showed his slideshow from his summer trip out west. I know nothing about bikes... I know little more now... but regardless, the people were the best and, who knows, I may catch the motorcyle fever some day...

music is calexico. place is essex jnctn. people are mr. jones and the rest are a lot older than me but oh so cool.

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beep beep.

check out grassgrows, my regular (un-used) blog, over on the sidebar there. I sent out a letter to family and friends regarding my current adventure in Burlington. Just because it needed some explanation. It needed selling too. I've maybe got something to fight for here.

Maybe this will lead to more writings more often.


homemade soap.

I got to hang around while Amy and Melissa made home-grown (almost), homemade, all-natural face wash. Turns out a basil-lavender face wash could make a good cake too...

music is erin mckeown. place is burlington. people are going to change the world and a cat named stinky.


meet my new friend barrett. he wanted to learn about videoblogging so we went on a videoblogging adventure 'round montpelier. checked out an animal shelter near stowe (I got some cat-love), rambled around town, and got our cafe-fix.

everything was unscripted. which was nice.

music is the shiftless rounders. place is montpelier, vt. people is assortment of cats and one very mr. jones.


deck the halls.

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a holiday spent with the family.

music is john lennon.  place is jersey.  people are the best.

postcard from colorado: skiing part 2

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that's the end! hope you enjoyed my family snapshot.

music is antonio carlos jobim and jocafi. place is vail and snowmass. people are darn fools. :)


postcard from colorado: skiing part 1

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the first part of the skiing video.  hope you don't get motion sick. 

music is antonio carlos jobim and jocafi.  place is Vail.  people are the family sort.


postcard from colorado: apres ski

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there was plenty of fun off the slopes too...

music is django reinhardt.  place is around vail, co.  people are a motley crew.

postcard from colorado: driving

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so back in december my whole family (one stemwedle and the colombian relatives too) went out for a ski vacation in Colorado.  My first time in the state, my first time rocky mtn. skiing... it was pretty great.

the following postcards are just little shots of the goings-on while we were there.  We drove from Denver to Vail, then later (when our flight out of Denver was cancalled) from Vail down to Montrose, skiing Snowmass at Aspen on the way.  Lots of tight car time with people, skis, and luggage.

here's to the open road.

music by none other than john denver.  place is roadways in CO.  people are family great and small.


proof all over again.

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it's been a long while since my last post. here's something to tie you over until I can post videos of my trip to colorado, my family holiday, and my arrival in my present local: burlington vt.

a very rare peak at joanna un-edited. caught off guard by my brother. I ask, are you taking a movie? he says no.


music by the velvet underground.


moment no. 07

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a new year's moment.

music is amon tobin. place is lake champlain.  people are becca and jonathan.

moment no. 06

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music by yann tiersen.  art by graham keegan.  place is burlington vt.