let's go sugarin'!

the sap is a runnin' so we had to get tappin'. certainly more posts about the bennington sugarbush to come.

music is richard thompson. place is the bennington sugarbush. people are excited for our first run.

so this is college?

to those of you not familiar with the bennington college social bubble, this whole thing about me living off campus is a pretty big deal. The only people who are allowed to live off campus are students who are accepted into the co-op (an endeavor not for the faint of heart), over 25, or married. It's been great so far but there are some detractions... getting to campus for social events is just... hard.

this was one such case. a welcome-back gathering in a campus dorm room. I have never really done one of these. Not my usual vlogging preference but there was action to be caught on tape.

music is amon tobin. place is a college dorm room. people are fun.


make way for ducklings.

these guys were a little out of place... I honestly don't know how they got why they were but the poor things were eat snow off the road. :( perhaps petting zoo escapees?

music is architecture in helsinki. place is n. bennington. quack.

end of burlington.

my last night in burlington deserved a post. I'm back in Bennington now, living it up in my apartment (video to come soon), overwhelmed with classes and senior projects, and generally just looking for exciting adventures.

music is andrew bird. people is mr. jones and wonderful far-flung friends of amy's. place is 'round burlington.


TimeBank Stories: Meet Pam Green

a few weeks ago Melissa and I met with Pam Green, the Program Coordinator of the VT Women's Mentoring Program to talk about why she joined the TimeBank and how she feels it will help the Mentoring Program.


lots and lots of snow.

the most snow this season. Supposed to be up to 3ft. by tomorrow (this was at 1pm today).... and wind... and my car is very stuck.

music by debussy. place is the driveway in burlington.


icey cold.

just a short piece of the ice sculptures being carved on Church St. for the Winter Festival last weekend. just to show that I'm still alive, still in burlington... and by all the jiggling of the camera... it's still cold here.

music is david byrne. place is burlington. people are tough stuff.


this is what...

a plus about my apartment not being ready was getting to crash with Becca and Jonathan. Such love.

music is architecture in helsinki. place is the farm cottage in shaftsbury. people are fantastic.


so I'm came down to bennington yesterday to move some stuff into me and sophie's ice cream parlor apartment. When I heard "done", I expected a little more... done. If only the video captured what I was thinking as I walked into that apartment...

2 weeks.

music is the books. place is the ice cream parlor apartment, bennington.