motor bike.

my first ride on a motor bike, thanks to barrett's visit this past weekend. and yes I know the adjective should be addictive, but that sounds a like a drug. this was just the most perfect evening to go for a ride.

I'm hooked.

music is nick drake. place is 'round north b. people are mr. jones.

le fin.

the last sophie and joanna party ever. dress to impress. black tie. end of the ice cream parlor.

music is charlie hunter & leon parker. place is the one and only ice cream parlor in north b. people are the one and only bennington kids.


the senior dinner. was a drag. I was more interested in the table arrangement.

music is claudia gomez. place is bennington. people were not too important.

sun fest?

sun fest in the rain. of course. 

music is mum. place is campus. people are sophie, jacob, maya.


never knew it was there.

sophie and I went for a walk in a place we never knew was there. a gorgeous day in may when things get perfect.

music is devon sproule. place is behind mile around woods. people is sophie.

gallery opening.

the opening of the 2007 Senior Show. one of the main events of the spring graduation season. friends doing work.


just at home.

instead of going to the last rollerama I'll ever go to, I stayed home and made a video. how ridiculous is that? I actually appreciated the fun time... I don't have a clue about this video... I was just feeling constant deja vu I suppose.

music is greg brown. place is the ice cream parlor. people are my stuffed panda.

say graduation.

a couple weeks ago at the class of 2007 photo. our class has shrunk by more than a half. I hear rumors of 60, don't know about that but it's certainly under 90.

so close.